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Unqualified Esports games for the Olympics

Overwatch Update

Su-min “Sado” Kim, player for the Philadelphia Fusion, will be eligible to play after serving a 30 game suspension. His suspension was due to account-boosting or increasing another player’s Skill Rating for money. Overwatch League goes live in 5pmCST. The Los Angeles Gladiators vs the San Francisco Shock.

CS:GO Asian Regionals

Zotac Cup Masters starts June 5. These Asian Regional Finals for CS:GO take place in Computex, Taipei and include these teams:
PreciousGenius, SZ Absolute, MVP PK, Executioners, Alpha Red & Sad Story. Sad Story was the last person to get the spot early may when they at the Taiwan qualifier. The winner receives $20,000 and gets to go on to the Grand Finals with teams like VG.FlashGaming from China and a chance to win $300,000


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is meeting esports comapnies and players at a summit in July to discuss creating a space at the Olympics. Thomas Bach, president of the (IOC) made it clear that violent games like CS:GO which showcase heavy shooting and “terrorists” have no place at the Olympics. Bach is all for having esports showcased but would like to keep the overall message of the Olympics.
“We need to draw a red line and make it clear that killer games xan never be part of the Olympic Movement,” said Bach.
*Personal Opinion: With this type of expectation for esports in the Olympic games, fighting games could really start to take off and be looked at on the broader spectrum. With games like H1Z1 & COD of course we still have LoL & DOTA. But where does this leave Fortnite & Overwatch. It’s a rated T game but still friendly with cartoon violence. How violent is too violent? This is where fighting games could come in like, Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ maybe Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition if they don’t have an issue with the blatant stereotypical character portrayal of the fighters.
HERO, a Vienna based company, wants to take the middleman out of the book keeping for esports and put back the social elements. This company believes online bettingneeds to change and theyre going to lead the way. They have a fantasy system in place for Overwatch, LoL, DOTA & CS:GO. Users can place bets using HEROcoin, which is cryptocurrency. Overtime they’d like to share this blockchain technology across other titles. Blockchain is a way to is a diagramused to track transactions between users accompanied by timestamps. It’s essentially a way to record data.
Here are a few tournaments coming up
Stunfest in Rennes, France from May 18 to the 20th.
Bam 10 in Melborune, Australia May 18 – 20th
Toruken 7 in Toronto, ONtario, Canada from May 19-20
Combo Breaker 2018 in Chicago, IL May 25-27

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