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Trendsetter Black Girl Gamer Entrepreneur, Aziza, Breaks Down Barriers in the FGC

Aziza Brown, owner of Dynamik  Focus founded her esports team over a year ago. Her team primarily competes in fighting games. I had a chance to sit down and ask her about her journey. We got to the meat and potatoes of her being a Black woman in the Fighting Game Community and esports world.
What are the games in which you compete?
“My team competes in Street Fighter, Tekken7, Injustice 2, Killer Instinct, Pokken Tournament and Dragon Ball FighterZ.
I haven’t competed in a while. I used to play Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear X and DDR really heavy in college. I worked conventions and never learned about the actual scene until a few years ago.”
How did you find your players and what are the services you provide for them?
“I find my players through the local east coast scene and going to majors. I research their personalities and how they will fit.
Currently I am not a sponsored org, but I am focusing on that goal. I help with travel, career building and understanding social marketing.”
Any challenge in your field because you are a double minority?
“Well that isn’t really a challenge that I can gauge right now because I am still a growing entity. I am growing a brand in a market just beginning to notice me. So currently, my gender or race isn’t a factor. It’s basically just growing my network.”
What is your overall goal and what does success look like for you?
“Basically the end goal is to have a company that provides my players with marketing opportunities and grow the social gaming scene in the East Coast.”


What is the demographic of your players?
“Most of my players are from NYC, NJ, and Maryland.”
Do you think representation is important?
“Actually yes. People tend to gravitate to others that have similar interest to them. Showing anyone that there are places that there is a diverse community and people can bound amongst each other is important. So communities like Combo Queens and Smash Sisters is great. I wish there was some like this existing when I had time to lab. I would of probably did more competition.”
How can we get more women and WOC in the FGC
“Well by not making it a big thing. Yes, women are rare, but by treating us like we are just a gamer. Also creating a local scene so we can level up together. It can be at a community center or even online clans. Places where everyone is learning, growing and teaching each other. It adds more players and spectators to the FGC.”
How did your team place at Combo Breaker? 
“DF Grr got 13th in Injustice 2
DF Pink Diamond got 15th in Killer Instinct
DF TrueLionHeart got 4th in USF4″
Where can we find you, social media?
Team Social Media:
Personal Social Media:
Aziza would like more people to support the FGC and speak up. She believes everyone’s voice is important. Supporting major tournaments and getting more people to attend them will feed the community and help it grow.

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